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Institute of Sustainable Development works toward the creation and development of a national innovation infrastructure, the spreading of new knowledge, the stimulation of technological entrepreneurship, the transfer of knowledge and technologies, and the application of innovative products and services.

The activities of the NGO serve as a mechanism for developing and financing the research, development and application of innovations. A critical focus in the work of the organisation is the development of cooperation between the business and academic communities.

Institute of Sustainable Development is to ensure sustainable urban and rural development, to promote entrepreneurship and cooperation, as well as to develop the civil society and cross-sectoral cooperation in terms of “municipality, community, business, science” in the various regions of Finland.

Active projects


The EDU MAP project aims to prepare and train school teachers in recognizing addiction and be well-informed on what steps to take next, thus helping students who have addiction problems by assessing the need for intervention. This project aims to offer innovative solutions along with providing an evaluation of addiction problem which occurs to be an international problem. Essentially, the project will combine quantitative and qualitative methods in order to provide the best possible answers for policymakers. Besides, EU countries have committed to reducing the average share of addicted individuals to less than 10% by 2020 because the latest research monitor showed that young people (students) who are addicted or tend to be addicted without recognized qualifications are disadvantaged and there are nearly 5,5 million addicted individuals across Europe and the average unemployment rate amongst them is about 40%; which makes the situation even more emergent considering the effects of COVID19 had on substance use, the wellbeing of young people and unemployment rates. So, with its international qualification, this project will play a significant role in terms of helping both young people, youth workers, families and authorities in dealing with addiction.


With the growing threat of climate change, the role of youth in leading sustainable lifestyles is becoming crucial for creating a positive change on a long-term basis. It is, therefore, of high pertinence today to improve the digital skills of teachers, mentors, and all those who inspire the youth to act positively in regard to ecology.

ECO-MEDIA Project aims at increasing digital skills and community media literacy among professionals working with youth.