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Institute of Sustainable Development always aims at creating measurable benefits and holistic innovative solutions for our members and volunteers. Its members consist of experts with substantial scientific, managerial, financial or practical experience. Our team contributes to finding practical and impactful solutions, and actually applying innovative ideas. We have rich international experience and a wide network of contacts which we use to reach our goals. We also have ties to a large pool of science experts in Finland and around Europe.

The association pursues the following objectives:

  • to spread and promote local culture, also at the international level;
  • to increase the knowledge and authentic expressions linked to the territory through the contact between people, organizations and associations and valorising the talents that naturally occur in the area;
  • to represent and spread internationally interesting culture in strategic places;
  • to improve the critical and dialectical approach through non-formal learning;
  • to support spiritual, social, cultural and professional growth through self-awareness and talent cultivation;
  • to promote healthy lifestyles;
  • to broaden the horizons of educators, teachers and social workers;
  • to provide educational opportunities for young and disadvantaged people.

The association, in order to achieve its objectives, carries out participatory activities at the local level such as conferences, debates, seminars, films and documentaries, training courses for young people and adults.